This documentary has really opened my eyes into what our government pushes down our throats with what pollutes the earth. Everything from car emissions, oil consumption, trash, oil spills, radioactive waste, mercury poisoning, and plastics are talked about. But nothing is said about the problem we are facing when it comes to the pollution that the agricultural industry has their part in. Cowspiracy touches on how animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry. It also touches on how the agricultural industry is leading in the causes of our water consumption, deforestation of the rainforest, soil erosion, and dead ozones in the oceans, which are just to name a few. How is this even possible? Why does our government not speak of this? Why does the President say or do nothing about it? Everyday we are made aware of the “water drought” but what they don’t speak of, is the massive consumption that animal agriculture uses. At what point will the real be talked about? When I think about this situation the first thing that comes to mind is MONEY. How much of it gets passed around for nothing to be said. How is this not on the radar of  the environmental groups that touch on the issues above? Does the agricultural industry make “donations” to them to turn a blind eye? A whole lot of questions but yet no answers. In the world we live in, Money does make the world go around. Without it we can’t live. But once the world stops living, then what?  I’m asking those who see this, to watch this documentary to see and judge for yourself. I’m not trying to persuade anybody to do anything, I just want to make you Aware. One person passed it on to me, and now I pass it to you.
#cowspiracy #awareness

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