LoLa Monroe and King Los Make a Big Decision About Their Family and Shantel Jackson Treats the Ladies to a Nelly Concert

These ladies mean business!

On this week’s episode of The Platinum Life, Asiah Collins and Crystal Smith were able to put their differences aside for a trip to St. Louis to see Nelly perform. With the fresh air clearing their minds, Shantel and Asiah came to the conclusion that maybe all the negative energy has nothing to do with Crystal.

“[Crystal] went from one person to another on this trip. It was a total 360 from what happened on the plane,” Shantel told Asiah. “I’m starting to think, could it be La’Myia?” Looks like they may have found the root of all the drama.

Back in L.A., LoLa Monroe is busy building her empire. She is trying to make a comeback in the music game but it’s not easy with a son at home to worry about and a partner who is also an artist.

After missing an important studio session, LoLa decides to sit down with her man and come up with a game plan to manage both their careers and raising their son. King Los is supportive of her career and they decide the best option is to hire a nanny.

At least things are settled for those two, but for Shantel and La’Myia, the drama is just getting started. Shantel calls out La’Myia for her “stank ass” attitude during dinner and things take a turn for the worse!

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