This documentary has really opened my eyes into what our government pushes down our throats with what pollutes the earth. Everything from car emissions, oil consumption, trash, oil spills, radioactive waste, mercury poisoning, and plastics are talked about. But nothing is said about the problem we are facing when it comes to the pollution that

How to Remove Ink Stains!!!

How to Remove Ink Stains!!! At any point in time I know we have all had the (Big Whoops) with ink. And thought it was the end for that pair of jeans or shirt. Now you can think again! Here are 4 great ways to remove ink from you’re garments. Milk To remove ink stains

Fashion winter wardrobe

5 Must-Have Fashion Items For Your Winter Wardrobe! The Winter months are some of my favorite, in my opinion the best fashions come around this time of year. Here are a few items that are a must have for you’re Winter closet. And of course they can be mixed and matched to get the most